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3D Services – The future in Architecture and Construction!

By February 18, 2022Business, News, Services

3D services are a part of the drive towards digitization in the construction world

Information is Power! Intelligent information is vital to any successful construction project. SABP Embee Companies S.A. are pleased to present their newest service to the Architect, Engineering, and Construction industry: 3D Virtual Environments.

Our 3D services help construction professionals make better decisions and deliver better results by providing you with better information. The flow of information is the key to improving performance on any project. With SABP Embee Companies 3D’s, 100% capture of the built environment, you’ll feel confident in the accuracy of our model, and in the knowledge that it will save you the time and money often associated with site revisits.
Our 3D Virtual Environment also allows annotation tags to be allocated to anything in the built environment, for example, equipment with serial number, date purchased, and warranty information. You can even link these tags to video or other website references. These annotations could be crucial in those pivotal moments when minutes matter!

The 3D data we provide can also be exported as a point cloud which can be imported into any CAD program, and used with the visuals from the 3D showcase to create the Building Information Model (BIM). With information like that, 2D floor plans are a breeze.

With high resolution 2D photography and 3D data, quick assessments of project status and milestone documentation are at your fingertips. When your project is complete, you can effortlessly assemble all your files into a complete turnover package for the owner, confident in the comprehensive validation of your work, and an Interactive walk-through of the finished condition.

SABP Embee Companies S.A. will provide you with the end-to-end site visualization and communication tool you need to achieve your most important goals. Just think of the legal ramifications of having your project scanned at key milestones for evidentiary or documentation purposes.

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