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Irvine Ranch Water District Project for Baker Water Treatment Plant

Baker Water Treatment Plant Solar Array Drainage Improvements

Invitation: 10559

IRWD Engineering Department
15600 Sand Canyon Ave. Irvine, California

Bid Due Date: 09/30/2021 2:00 PM (PDT)

License Requirements: CADIR – Registered DIR Public Works Contractor

Bids will be accepted for this Project only from the prequalified bidders on the Project Bidders List. Prequalification to be placed on the Project Bidders List for this Project is closed.

Estimated Bid Value: $83,200.00

Project Duration: 90 calendar days from the date of the Notice of Award

Pre-Bid Meeting: No

Q&A Deadline: 09/21/2021 2:00 PM (PDT)

Contact Information: Thomas Bonkowski 949-392-3311
Owner’s Agent: MBF Consulting, Inc., Michael B. Fakhar

Scope of Services: The work will consist of performing all operations necessary for the grading and construction of a concrete V-Ditch at the Baker Water Treatment Plant Solar Array to improve drainage. The Contractor will provide all transportation, material, equipment, labor and supplies to complete the grading and construction of the proposed concrete V-ditch together with all appurtenant work necessary to complete the improvements.

Plans and Specs: Hard copy plans and specs are available by contacting SABP Print Solutions 949 756-1001 Kristen Demedenko

IRWD Construction Manual (Standard Drawings and Technical Specifications) available for download at (See “Doing Business” and “Engineering”)