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Irvine Ranch Water District Posts a $2,750,000.00 Bid

Irvine Ranch Water District Posts a Reservoir Improvement Project

Project Title: 15 MG Zone 1 Reservoir Interior Coating and Improvements

Bid Due Date: 06/30/2021 3:00 PM (PDT)

Estimated Bid Value: $2,750,000.00

Project Duration: 325 days from the date of the Notice of Award

Pre-Bid Meeting: No

Online Q&A Deadline: 06/23/2021 5:00 PM (PDT)

Contact Information: Toni Lynch 949-453-5410 –

Scope of Services:
The Project includes, but is not limited to, removal and replacement of the reservoir’s interior coating, removal and replacement of portions of the exterior coating, replacement of roof hatches, installation of a new roof hatch and new interior access ladder, replacement of the reservoir roof vent, installation of new guard rail on the roof, re-routing chemical delivery tubing and conduits, repair and replacement of the cathodic protection system, and various improvements to onsite facilities, such as, recoating the existing surge tank and outdoor pump station.

Bids will be accepted for this Project only from the prequalified bidders on the Project Bidders List. Prequalification to be placed on the Project Bidders List for this Project is closed.

Project Manual and Plans may be purchased from SABP Print Solutions, 2372 Morse Avenue, Irvine, California 92614, (949) 756-1001.

License Requirements Preferences: CADIR – Registered DIR Public Works Contractor

IRWD Construction Manual (Standard Drawings and Technical Specifications) available for download at (See “Doing Business” and “Engineering”).