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Natural & Clever Cleaning Tips For Boaters

Old Salt Tips For Boaters and More

Ammonia: Use for all clean up. Always dilute with water. DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH. A mixture of 50% water & ammonia will clean:

  • Upholstery
  • Spray on and blot up: it will not leave a ring
  • Glass windows: Spray on, wipe off
  • Wood floors: Cleans without leaving marks
  • Counters: use as a disinfectant and a general cleaner
  • Oven: Clean your oven with 1/3 cup to 1 quart. water
  • Bees: fill a glass bottle with plain ammonia and it will keep the bees away

Baking Soda: One of the greatest items for your boat or home

  • It’s a toothpaste and teeth whitener
  • 1 tablespoon every time you fill your water tanks will add freshness to your water
  • 1 tablespoon in your drains when you leave your boat or house and the drains will smell fresh
  • Helps eliminate odors from diesel spills too


  • Mix with salt to clean brass and copper
  • Clean up mildew, wipe down mildew on wood with a clean paper towel, cut lemon in half, rub directly on the mildew, once juice dries, clean with liquid gold
  • Use rind for a fresh smell in the icebox
  • Mix with vinegar to soothe a sunburn

De-Natured Alcohol: From past experience, it’s a good idea to keep a bottle on your boat. If your fuel tank should ever leak, or you have a diesel spill and the odor is driving you crazy, use de-natured alcohol to pick up the spill (make sure all hatches are open) Do not mix with anything else and throw away the rags.  Sprinkle with baking soda after the spill is clean and sweep up.

Bleach: 2 Tablespoons when cleaning or pumping out the head and it will help kill everything!

Fabric Softener Sheets: Use these sheets in your hanging lockers, cupboards in between your sheet and with your linens. It will keep them very fresh. Hang around your boat and life lines to detract bees

 Liquid Fabric Softener : If your lines are getting hard and worn, soak in a bucket of water with 1/2 cup liquid fabric softener and your lines will be rejuvenated and smell good too.

Liquid Gold: This will not only clean your wood, but it has the power to penetrate through your finish to keep the wood from drying out. Only use when leaving boat as it takes time to penetrate

Moth Cakes: These are a must in cabinets; they will keep mildew from growing and everything very fresh smells

Baby Oil: A few drops in the head will keep the hand pump very easy to use and lubricate the pump handle. It will not hurt your holding tank

Rust Saver:  By using plastic baggies around your cans, you will not have rust rings in your cabinets

Green Bags: You can buy these at the grocery store for less money than in boating stores. Lettuce will not wilt for one week. Grapes will last much longer too. Try them; you will really enjoy the results.

I hope these “Old Salt Tips” are useful and please email me if you have any more to share!

“Any day on the water, is always a GREAT Day!’

Best Regards,  Colleen Howes,