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City of Newport Beach Notice of Inviting Bid for Traffic Signal Rehab Project

City of Newport Beach releases NIB- Traffic Signal Rehab Project

Traffic Signal Rehabilitation Program FY 2018-2019

Contract No. 7576-1
Project No. 19T01

Bid Due: February 13th at 10:00 AM at which time such bids shall be opened and read at , 100 Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA

Engineer’s Estimate: $855,000.00

Project Manager: Eric Loke (949) 644-3336

Scope of Work: The work necessary for the completion of this contract consists of, but is not limited to: traffic signal rehabilitation and modification at three intersections, LED flashing pedestrian sign system installation at two intersections, installation, splicing and testing of Fiber Optic communication cable in existing conduit, including specialized equipment and accessories, installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) equipment, installation/modification of concrete curb access ramps and sidewalk panels, installation/modification of signage, striping, and curb markings, and other items shown on, but not limited to plan T-6043-S.

The areas where work is to be performed are:
1. University Drive at La Vida/Baypointe Drive.
2. Jamboree Road at University Drive/Eastbluff Drive
3. Newport Center Drive at Civic Center Drive/Granville Drive
4. Balboa Boulevard at 13th Street and at 14th Street
5. Bay Avenue

Contractor License Classification(s) required for this project: “C-10”

Plans and Specifications may be purchased from SABP Reprographics (949)756-1001
2372 Morse Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614