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Drone World Expo 2017- The Thought Leadership Event

By May 23, 2017News

The Drone World Expo will be on October 3-4, 2017

The 3rd annual expo for commercial applications of UAS technology will be held at the San Jose Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Participants will learn how drones are providing real-world solutions to business and environmental challenges. Sessions will illustrate commercial strategies, the latest regulatory updates, platforms and payloads, data collection and analysis, safety, training and the impact drones are having on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Big Data and the Internet of Things (IOT) now and in the future.

Hundreds of products and services will be showcased in the exhibit hall and there will be unmatched networking opportunities. Applications for construction, agriculture, video and film, law enforcement, public safety, energy, oil and gas, catastrophe response, mapping and surveying, communications, delivery, research and conservation, humanitarian relief, firefighting, search and rescue operations and more will be demonstrated at this one-of-a-kind gathering.


  • The State of UTM: Policy and Air Traffic Management Updates from Around the Globe
  • Industry Standards for Newsgathering
  • How Networked Sensors are Changing Agriculture: A Vineyard Case Study
  • The Value Proposition for Drones and Utilities
  • Drones and Law Enforcement: What’s Now and What’s Next?
  • Drones for Good: Humanitarian Applications for UAS
  • Drones and Construction
  • Counter Drone Measures and Remote Identification for Unmanned Aircraft
  • Drones for Infrastructure Inspections
  • Drone Data Management and Security
  • Supply Chain and Inventory – Indoor Applications for Drones
  • And the Winners Are… Award-Winning Innovations from the 2017 IDEA Competition
  • Weighing the Risks: Drones for Environmental Assessment
  • International Use Cases: Unique Applications for Drones Overseas
  • Getting the Big Picture: Mapping for Traffic, Crime Scenes, Fires and Search and Rescue Operations
  • Drones for Energy/Oil & Gas Applications
  • Where Science Meets Technology: Maritime and Coastal Applications for Drones
  • First Responders: Innovative Drone Use for Emergency Response
  • Follow the Money: Exploring the Drone Investment Climate
  • Who’s Calling the Shots? Making Sense of Federal, State and Local Drone Laws
  • Drones in the Insurance Industry
  • The Role of IoT, Software & Platforms in the Commercial Drone Ecosystem

The DWE conference program will provide a road map for the application and deployment of drone solutions and key insights for participants into how to measure and maximize on the value drones can add to commercial businesses.

Apply for your complimentary full conference pass or get your free expo pass here.