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2nd Annual Drone World Expo

By October 3, 2016News

Over 100 Industry Experts Including Dozens of Prominent Women to Share Knowledge at 2nd Annual Drone World Expo.

Drone World Expo will focus on the commercial applications of UAS technology and will take place:

November 15-16, 2016 at the San Jose Convention Center. 


The DWE conference program will provide a road map for the application and deployment of drone solutions and key insights for participants into how to measure and maximize on the value drones can add to commercial businesses.

A few of the topics presented at the conference include:

  • Working the Field from 400 Feet: Essential Tools for Success in Agriculture
  • Produce Pilots: Drones in the Field and Orchard
  • Case Study: Drones for Law Enforcement
  • Case Study: Security and Surveillance via Drone
  • Innovative Drone Exploration and Applications
  • Case Study: Commercial Drones for Mining Companies
  • Counter Drone Technology: Counteracting UAS for Safety’s Sake
  • Case Study: Drones in Construction
  • MAPPS Geospatial Track: UAS Program Management for the Enterprise
  • Drone Insurance 101, presented by Global Aerospace
  • Flying Safely and Mitigating Risk in Various Commercial Markets
  • The Potential for Drone Applications via Mobile Networks
  • Drones for Oil & Gas/Utilities
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Drones in the Water Utility Sector
  • Regulatory and Policy Update: Government and Industry Perspectives
  • Out of Sight on Your Mind? Flying BVLOS, At Night and Over People
  • MAPPS Geospatial Track: Advanced Geospatial UAS Implementation
  • Case Study: Drones on the High Seas – Documenting Illegality
  • Case Study: SnotBots: Changing How We See and Study Whales
  • Drones for Emergency Management, Disaster Response, Humanitarian Aid
  • Weathering the Storm: Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the Maritime, Atmospheric and Polar Environments
  • The Realities of Drone Delivery
  • Drone Integration in a Department of Transportation (DOT) Infrastructure

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