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Newport Beach Fire Rings Have Been Saved!

After years of leading the effort to save the fire rings in Newport Beach, the Friends of the Fire rings celebrated that, in a 9-1 vote today, the California Coastal Commission voted to adopt the organization’s proposed plan that is designed to help protect the fire rings for future generations, and adding an additional four rings for a total of 64, allowing wood-burning in most of the fire rings, and creating new fire rings that are accessible to those with physical disabilities.


In an April 28th meeting with Councilman Scott Peotter and City Manager Dave Kiff, Friends of the Fire Rings leadership proposed a plan to solve the challenges created by air quality rules, by creatively integrating some charcoal rings into a matrix of mostly wood burning rings in order to help unite the community and to move the issue through to the California Coastal Commission. The plan provided the outline for what became “Plan 17” which was moved forward by the majority of the Newport Beach City Council, and approved today with some revisions by the California Coastal Commission.

Statement by the leadership of Friends of the Fire Rings:

“After years of leading and organizing thousands of residents behind saving the fire rings in Newport Beach, we are honored to have played a more recent role in creating and submitting a workable plan with Councilman Peotter and City Manager Dave Kiff’s leadership, uniting the community, preserving the fire rings, protecting property rights, and moving the city of Newport Beach beyond this issue.

The City of Newport Beach and its residents are warm and welcoming of everyone – of all ethnicities, races, and income levels – to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the fire rings.

We thank Mayor Ed Selich, Council members Scott Peotter, Kevin Muldoon, Duffy Duffield, Diane Dixon, and City Manager Dave Kiff particularly for their leadership in uniting the community behind a plan that is a win-win!

We are grateful to the California Coastal Commission staff and applaud the commissioners for their historic vote today to preserve the fire rings for generations to come!”


– Friends of the Fire Rings