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Bonita Creek Park Synthetic Field Turf Replacement


In 2009, the City conducted the Engineering Preliminary Study for Synthetic Turf Projects of the City of Newport Beach. The study indexed thirteen of the City’s parks, ranking each based on criteria such as sport utilization, applicability of synthetic turf, construction costs, anticipated savings for field maintenance, water use reduction, and where we can show a significant increase in the number of users who can use the fields. The findings ranked Bonita Creek Park as the most ideal place for synthetic turf installation. 

This synthetic turf replacement project will replace the existing grass at the southerly portion of the Bonita Creek Park which includes the softball and football/soccer fields. The northerly half of the park will remain natural turf. By replacing the existing natural grass there will be a decrease in field maintenance costs and a reduction in water usage.


Project Number5856

Bid Opening Date4/1/2015

Engineers Estimate$1,260,000.00

Scope of Workmobilization/demobilization; providing traffic control, temporary construction fencing, surveying, site furnishings, and erosion control/NPDES compliance; grading and earthwork; distributing construction notifications; potholing utilities; constructing storm drain improvements, synthetic turf drainage system, and concrete flat work; coordinating with FieldTurf, Inc. prior to the installation of the synthetic turf;  installing irrigation and system and landscape materials; submitting as-built drawings; and all other incidental items of work as described in the contract documents.

Plans and Specs available by contacting:

SABP Reprographics

2372 Morse Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614

(949) 756-1001