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Hilton Garden Inn-John Wayne Airport Update

The five-story hotel will feature 170 rooms and will be one of the closest hotels to the airport. The extended-stay hotel near the 405 freeway will have basic amenities, but no destination services such as a restaurant, retailer or large convention center that would attract visitors who aren’t hotel guests.

Construction began September 2013 after the demolition of the Microsemi building. The construction iHilton garden Inns well on it’s way and currently they have built up to the fourth floor and are beginning to frame the 5th and final floor.

One of SABP’s clients, Lusardi Construction, is in the process of building the Hilton Garden Inn – John Wayne Airport at 2381 Morse Avenue, in Irvine, CA.

Lusardi is compeleting the fourth floor and has begun framing the fifth floor. SABP has been kept up to date with this project by supplying Lusardi Construction with all their printing needs along the way. The construction site also happens to be across the street.

They anticipate that construction will be completed by late 2014 or early 2015.