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City of Garden Grove Releases New RFP

By August 27, 2014New Project Bids, RFP


City of Garden Grove releases a new RFP Project

        12.9% DBE, MBE and WBE goals.

 Project No. 7246

PHASE  1-A- (Landscape improvements from Garden Grove  Blvd. to Twintree Lane)

PHASE II-A- (Landscape Improvements from Twintree Lane to Chapman Ave)

Federal Project No. Eda 07-79-06911 This project generally consists of removing existing landscape improvements in the Harbor Boulevard medians and parkways and installing new irrigation systems, trees, plants, lighting and hardscape from Garden Grove Boulevard to Chapman Avenue.  More specifically, the work includes  
  • includes installing new raised median curb
  • color concrete
  • drive approaches curb ramps
  •  removal of portion of existing structural section including asphalt concrete and aggregate base
  • milling of existing AC pavement
  • construction of asphalt concrete base course and asphalt concrete surface course
  • adjustment of existing surface utility covers to new grade
  • other items not mentioned above but are required by the plans and specifications.

 PHASE 1-B- (Twintree Lane Storm Drain and Sewer Improvements)

Federal Project No. EDA – 07-79-06911 Federal Project No. EPA XP-OOT10201-3 This project generally  consists of removing  and replacing portions of the existing sewer main and laterals and removing portions of and constructing new storm drain and catch basins within Twintree Lane, Choisser  Road, Greentree Avenue and Bangor Street.

Phase II-B- (Installation Of Traffic  Signal & Striping at Harbor Blvd. & Great Wolf Resort)

Measure M2 Local Funds This project consists of construction  of new traffic signal and striping at Harbor Boulevard & Great Wolf Resort.

Bids will be received by the City Clerk  in the City Hall, 11222  Acacia Parkway,  Garden Grove, California  until  3:00 P.M. on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, at which time they will be publicly opened in the 1 North Conference  Room in City Hall (First floor).

The   plans,   specifications   and   contract   documents   may   be   purchased   from SABP Reprographics.

Please contact:

SABP Reprographics

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Alternatively, you can e-mail your order to rfp ]]>