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Growth and Development in Irvine – A Survey

SurveyWith all the new developments in Orange County, we noticed that cities, such as Irvine, are growing and expanding week after week. The Irvine Community Poll is circulating a survey dedicated to take the pulse of the Irvine community and touch on what people thinks about the pace of Growth and Development in Irvine: Too Fast? Too Slow? About Right? At the direction of a new City Council majority, Irvine is undergoing extremely rapid growth. In just the past two years, more than 20,000 additional housing units have been approved, built, or are under construction right now. Critics say the new City Council majority is “rubber-stamping” development — voting “yes” on just about anything the big developers propose, in disregard of Irvine’s high planning standards. These critics say the growth and development in Irvine is too much, too fast, and the housing is too dense; it’s causing too much traffic, overcrowded schools, and worsening air pollution. City Hall should do something to slow the rate of growth. Others say rapid growth and development is exactly what Irvine needs, especially after the recent recession slowed things down. They say fast growth and development is good for the economy. And economic growth is key to Irvine’s quality of life. They say City Hall needs to get out of the way, and the City Council needs to back off on planning, regulations, and red-tape. Let the private sector do what it does best in Irvine — develop the land, build housing tracts and shopping centers, make a profit, and keep people employed. Government should deal with any adverse effects of growth and development by building more roads and more schools to accommodate additional people in Irvine. What Do You Think? Follow this link to voice your opinion:]]>