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Anaheim Developments – Part 2: New Projects Making the City a Better Place to Live, Work and Play

Anaheim Mountain Park The proposed Mountain Park Specific Plan project site is located generally in Gypsum Canyon, south of the Riverside (SR-91) Freeway, in the City of Anaheim and its sphere of influence, Orange County, California. The majority of the Mountain Park project site is in the jurisdiction of the City of Anaheim; however, the southern- and eastern-most portions of the project site are in unincorporated County of Orange in the City of Anaheim’s sphere-of-influence. SR-91 is immediately north of the project site, and the Eastern Transportation Corridor (SR-241) bisects the site into eastern and western segments. A regional location map and aerial perspective of the project site are depicted on Exhibits 1 (Location Map) and 2 (Aerial Perspective of Project Area), respectively. The Mountain Park Specific Plan encompasses approximately 3,001 acres. The project site is currently undeveloped with the exception of a 300-acre sand and gravel mining operation located in the northeastern portion of Gypsum Canyon which will be vacated in June 2005. Access to the project site is currently provided from Gypsum Canyon Road via Santa Ana Canyon Road and the Gypsum Canyon Road interchange with SR-91. The project site is gated and public access is not allowed. There are a number of unimproved dirt roads that traverse the site that were used for previous on-site operations and emergency access. Click HERE to learn more. AnaheimCanyonPedImprovements   Anaheim Canyon Pedestrian Project – The Anaheim Canyon Pedestrian Improvement Project created an urban greening and safe pedestrian network between the newly constructed Metrolink Commuter Rail Station, Kaiser Permanente medical campus, and the Anaheim Canyon Business District – Orange _County’s manufacturing powerhouse.  The result is improved safety, accessibility, and mobility for the more than 40,000 people employed within four square miles, and residents living in nearby work/live lofts and condominiums.  Total Project Cost:$3,500,000 Click HERE to learn more.    ]]>