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Largo Concrete, Inc. – A Customer Success Story

Largo Concrete of Tustin is a family owned business founded in 1989 by Hal Long. [caption id="attachment_8511" align="alignleft" width="300"][/caption] Hal ran the business until 2007 when he passed the reigns to his son and current President Ken Long.  Ken’s Brother Mike Long an accomplished construction attorney, joined the company in March of this year and is acting Vice President and General Counsel. [caption id="attachment_8510" align="alignright" width="300"]Hyundai Center Hyundai Center[/caption] The success of Largo Concrete lies in their continued commitment to quality work and client satisfaction both of which have allowed them to successfully grow into new markets and take on larger, more challenging projects.  Largo operates throughout California with offices in Campbell, Tustin and San Diego and recently expanded to include locations in Henderson, NV and Austin, TX. In their efforts to continue to grow and expand, Largo has recently merged with Arciero [caption id="attachment_8509" align="alignleft" width="300"]Harrah’s Rincon Hotel Expansion Harrah’s Rincon Hotel Expansion[/caption] Brothers, another family owned concrete company founded in 1950 by brothers Frank and Phil. This merger will combine decades of product specific knowledge in Cast-in-Place Structural Concrete and Design-Build Parking Structures and will further enhance the quality of services delivered to their clients across all markets. The brothers believe that with success comes the responsibility to give back. They are committed to promoting the well-being of others through the continued support of dozens of charitable organizations. With a staff of over 800 employees, Largo Concrete grew from a $65 million dollar company in 2010 to an impressive $211 million dollar powerhouse in 2013. Largo has just purchased two 39-meter concrete boom pumps that are being utilized on the $80 million dollar Runway and Playa Villas contracts in Playa Vista.  Now that’s a lot of concrete! Some of their projects include:

  • LA Marriott,
  • Stanford BioE/ChemE
  • Harrah’s Rincon Hotel Expansion
  • Dodgers’ Stadium Renovation
  • Hyundai Motors America Headquarters
  • Design-build G.C. for the parking structure at the UDR Development in Mission Viejo
  • Design-build G.C for Westfield Mall in Century City.
  • G8 project in Los Angeles,
  • The Sufism Reoriented sanctuary in Walnut Creek
  • Great Wolf Water Park and Hotel in Anaheim
We are proud to be a part of this successful team of entrepreneurs and wish them continued success in 2014.]]>