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Now Offering Hosted Review and e-Discovery

This decade is seeing changes in the way litigators are preparing for trial with e-discovey and hosted review  becoming more and more a part of all  cases. As with all new technology, the costs involved have been very substantial, but as more entrepreneurs emerge with new efficient applications and innovative ideas, e-discovery is becoming much more affordable for the smaller law firms.

SABP is excited to announce that we have partnered with a company to offer e-discovery and hosted review. Utilizing Relativity® as the review platform and offering early case assessment tools to cull and review only the raw data you need to process, eliminating the tiff bloat and dramatically reducing litigation costs. The secure cloud based hosted review enables multiple uses access 24:7 from around the world. We also offer packaged pricing which Includes harvesting, culling, processing and hosting for a single Gigabyte price. As a smaller company we can offer much more flexibility with our pricing and superior one on one customer service by licensed Relativity® experts.



Fully integrated production tools allow you to effortlessly take a collection of native files, TIFFs, or both from review to production and we can export to all major load file formats, including DAT, CSV, HTML, and custom TXT files, along with Opticon and iPRO support.


Our service accelerates document reviews resulting in dramatically reduced litigation  costs. Proportionate collection, extensive data culling/processing, and best-in-class Relativity® review hosting combine to provide one of the most robust hosted review services available.


Our import speeds are unmatched by even the biggest names in the business. Proprietary import functions dramatically accelerate the import process which is driven by a multi-threaded and distributed computing environment.


Our partners have created innovative e-discovery software by bringing contemporary web thinking, enterprise scalability and economic sensibility to the unpredictable world of litigation and investigation support.

These are very exciting times in the world of litigation.  Please contact us for more information on how we can be of service.