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An Update on the Bee Hive

Remember the colony of bees we wrote about back in March?

(Click here to read about how SABP Reprographics has been blessed with an amazing event in nature!!)


Our special bee hive kept on growing and growing until it became too big and fell on a windy day.  Sadly, we cannot legally keep the bee hive.  Also, our building owner was so attached to it and did not want to call a pest control service.  Instead, he found a local bee keeper who agreed to come and safely remove the bees and the hive by using a special vacuum.  The bee keeper’s job was to relocate the bees to their new home.  Exterminating them was simply not an option!

We were on hand for said event, and it was thrilling to watch.  Bees were everywhere but not aggressive at all. So they were NOT killer bees.  They were very passive and we were glad the decision was made to rescue them.


A queen was there. The hive also included drones.  The bees were kind and friendly. They live now safely in Fountain Valley; almost in the backyard of the building owner.  We hope to go visit soon. It is always good to remember that an act of kindness could go a long way and won’t go unnoticed!