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Residential Building is on the Rise

B1Local builders and developers are building luxurious high end custom homes in the cities of Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar.

The properties are selling faster than they are being completed and at prices higher than the asking price.

We have also seen a huge increase in condo conversions in many of the cities in Orange County. Many people are converting multi-unit properties into 2, 3 and 4 unit condominiums.




One Architect in particular is making a name for himself and establishing his unique design and style as the new look of Corona Del Mar and Newport Beach. Chris Brandon of Brandon Architecture has a very California Casual Style mixed with Cape Cod Charm. Within the last 18 months they have designed over 20 residences and Duplex’s that have been completed, are being built or awaiting approval. This firm is on the way to becoming a legend in this area.

Many of his projects are being built by local Builders/Developers such as Patterson Construction, Spinnaker Development, and Team Ultimo.