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President Signs Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan

President Trump Signs Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan Legislation

The Drought Contingency Plan (DCP) aims to keep Lake Mead and Lake Powell, two key reservoirs from falling so low that they cannot reliably deliver water or produce hydro-power.

The DCP  shows that the Colorado River Basin can come together to find solutions that benefit our communities, businesses, and waterways. The state-led plans put the basin on a more sustainable path – one that meets the needs of water users while protecting our region’s rivers and habitats.

Seven Colorado River Basin States and part of the country of Mexico are dependent on the well-being of the Colorado River. Under the proposed DCP, the Lower Basin states agree to contribute water to keep water levels higher in Lake Mead. The Upper Basin states gain tools, including coordinated reservoir management and water banking, to maintain higher levels in Lake Powell.

The Drought Contingency Plan will help stabilize Colorado River supplies for the next eight years while finding lasting solutions in the basin that ensure the people, crops and ecosystems that rely on the river have a reliable water supply for generations.

Well Done!!