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By November 17, 2015Interesting Facts


Prepping for cooler weather can ensure that your home is ready for the season , including the chill of winter.  You could be surprised by what some preventative maintenance can do for your budget.

Tune up your Furnaces. Find a trusted heating and air-conditioning company to change your filters, do a safety inspection and clean your system. Annual cleaning will go a long way in preventing costly breakdown and extending the life of a system.

Clean your GuttersIMG_9854






Gutters are bound to accumulate extra debris and could potentially get clogged. Ensure the gutters are cleared or go a step further install a mess guard to prevent build up.

Ceiling Fans. Set your ceiling fan in the clockwise position on low.  The fan will help circulate warm air all around the room

Detect for Carbon Monoxide 

Prep 1

Install a carbon monoxide detector. The State of California requires that all residents have a detectors, as it can alert you to odorless carbon monoxide emitted from furnaces fireplaces stoves and other gas-fired appliances.





Insulate and Weatherstrip. Check your homes window insulation to ensure heat is not leaking out. Gaps in caulk and weather-stripping can account for 10% of your heating bills according to the US Department of Energy.

Adust your Blinds. On sunny days take advantage of the sun to bring in heat. Adjust blinds so they’re open and tilted toward the ceiling.