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Drought Survival Guide


What Steps Should I Take to Help Save Water?

1. The #1 Way to Save Water Right Now: Cut Outdoor Watering in Half. Your water-thirsty lawn needs the most water during the hot summer months. Let it go brown and save water and money.

2. Gallons of water goes down the drain every day! Try putting a bucket in your shower to catch the fresh water wasted while waiting for the shower to warm up and use to water your garden. You will be surprised how much water you will collect.

3. Get a Home Water Check-Up. For customers with high water bills, many water districts have Water Specialists that will come to your home and check your water usage for free. They can help you find out if you have a water leak, are overwatering your yard, and can find new ways for you to help reduce your water use. If you are a IRWD customer you can Sign up at

  4. Turf Removal: Remove your thirsty grass and replace with artificial turf. Check with your City or Water District for rebates and incentives.

5. Install a drought tolerant landscape. There are hundreds of 100% drought tolerant plants available at local nurseries and local landscapers are jumping on the bandwagon to assist with this very important step to conserve water.


This is what a 100% drought tolerant landscape can look like.